The Future of Reverse Engineering
DezignWorks - Reverse Engineering for SOLIDWORKS
DezignWorks - Reverse Engineering Software for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor
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Fast and Easy Scan-to-CAD

Reverse-engineer parts into digital 3D parametric models fast and easily with DezignWorks plug-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor.

Up to 10x Faster

DezignWorks plug-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor gives you a robust and powerful reverse-engineering toolset to quickly and efficiently create CAD from physical parts.

Over 4,500 Licenses Globally

Businesses of all sizes, across all major industries trust DezignWorks for their most complex reverse-engineering projects.

Reverse Engineering SolidWorks | Inventor

DezignWorks is suite of robust reverse-engineering tools fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor. DezignWorks feature-based reverse engineering system helps create fully editable CAD models of physical parts and in the creation of model space when designing new parts. This process is critical when attempting to create models that can not only accurately represent a physical part as-is, but also have the ability to easily change a parts’ geometry.
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What is DezignWorks?

DezignWorks connects your 3D measurement device directly for reverse engineering in SOLIDWORKS or AutoDesk Inventor. This enables you to quickly and easily reverse-engineer complex geometries and free-form surfaces from scan data or by probing features on the physical part.
  • Process large sets of scan data with millions of points quickly and efficiently.
  • Extracts full 3D parametric features from scan and probe data.
  • Use your ScanArm directly in SOLIDWORKS or Inventor to quickly create CAD from physical parts.
  • Easily make editable native features.
  • Enhance your product design capabilities with a robust reverse-engineering toolset.
  • Fully Enable SolidWorks Scanning Features with your ScanArm

What can I do with DezignWorks?

DezignWorks allows for quick and efficient reverse-engineering in SOLIDWORKS and AutoDesk Inventor. Our software combines the power of 3D scanning and measurement devices with your CAD package. DezignWorks enables you to design and manufacturer high-performance parts that are accurate and precise. Our proprietary 3D engine uses the full power of your GPU to work with large amounts of scan data efficiently in SOLIDWORKS and Inventor.
  • Accelerate Your Reverse-Engineering Processes
  • 3D Scanning / Probing Directly in SOLIDWORKS and Inventor
  • Complete Reverse-Engineering Package with Inspection / Reports
  • Full 3D Parametric Feature Extraction Suite
  • Quickest and Easiest Software to Learn
  • Transform Physical Parts into CAD Quickly
  • Design Better Products Faster
  • Efficiently Create Editable Native Features
  • Make New Parts to Fit Existing Parts

Why DezignWorks?

  • Accelerate Reverse Engineering. Get your product to market quicker by accelerating the design process.
  • Easy to Learn. DezignWorks is fully integrated to the CAD package you already know which reduces the training requirements.
  • Powerful 3D Engine. DezignWorks uses a proprietary 3D engine created just for our reverse-engineering software suite that utilizes the full power of your GPU.

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