DezignWork's team of highly skilled engineers specialize in creating CAD from physical parts. We start with a high-accuracy / high-resolution scan of your part to capture all of the 3D geometry.  Next, we clean this scan data up and use it to create a polygonal mesh or STL. The polygonal mesh is then used to create a 3D CAD model of your part by extracting parametric features and modifying them, as needed. We use DezignWorks for SOLIDWORKS to produce the most accurate and precise 3D CAD models of your high-performance parts.

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DezignWorks is the fastest 3D Scan to CAD solution on the market! We can quickly and efficiently scan your products ensuring precise and accurate capture of all of the 3D geometry.  We can provide any file format you need from polygonal mesh (STL), STP or fully parametric model for SolidWorks or AutoDesk Inventor.  

DezignWorks is your CAD design expert! The DesignWorks Engineers are fast, efficient and deliver ahead of schedule. Let our engineering team help eliminate bottlenecks for you. We offer Express (2-4 days) and ECONOMY (7-10 days) pricing. We offer complete price matching on all services on submitted quotes. Contact us today to get your project started!