Sema 2018 Ford f-150

custom 2018 F-150 xlt super crew

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Fully Integrated

Feature-based reverse engineering software fully integrated inside the modeler you already use.

DezignWorks integrates with:

Solidworks Autodesk Inventor Creo

The Standard in Reverse Engineering

DezignWorks is a family of software products that are directly integrated into SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, and ProE Wildfire/Creo, that includes reverse-engineering and designer add-in tools (

DezignWorks feature-based R.E. system helps create fully editable CAD models of physical parts and in the creation of model space when designing new parts. This process is critical when attempting to create models that can not only accurately represent a physical part as-is, but also have the ability to easily change a parts’ geometry.

Proven compatibility with most common CMM arm devices such as such as Romer, Faro, Nikon, and Microscribe. DezignWorks can also scan with Faro and Romer laser devices and now has the ability of working with Faro Tracker devices as well.