The Future of Reverse Engineering
DezignWorks - Reverse Engineering for SOLIDWORKS
DezignWorks - Reverse Engineering Software for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor
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Fast and Easy Scan-to-CAD

Reverse-engineer parts into digital 3D parametric models fast and easily with DezignWorks plug-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor.

Up to 10x Faster

DezignWorks plug-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor gives you a robust and powerful reverse-engineering toolset to quickly and efficiently create CAD from physical parts.

Over 2,000 Licenses Globally

Businesses of all sizes, across all major industries trust DezignWorks for their most complex reverse-engineering projects.

DezignWorks | Training Center

Fast and Easy Training Program

Training for DezignWorks for SOLIDWORKS or Inventor is an 8 hour package of web-based 1 on 1 training with a DezignWorks Trainer. DezignWorks gets you up to speed very quickly.
New DezignWorks users report they are fully trained in our software after the first session or two. You already know SOLIDWORKS or Inventor so our training focuses on the DezignWorks portion of the software.