DesignWorks Pro Mesh for Creo

DezignWorks PRO MESH


DezignWorks Pro Mesh for CREO, designed especially for CREO users who want to import STL or OBJ files and create feature based parametric models. DezignWorks transforms your mesh to a created CREO coordinate system for easy manipulation. Intuitive tools designed to allow you to work with the mesh file and the solid file to create cylinders, cones, extrudes, revolves, sweeps, lofts, planes and mid planes. The created features are fully editable and constrained to the native CREO data set. Complex free form surfaces and solids are created with Industry first technology utilizing the GPU, maximizing surface size and eliminating the annoying small surface patches. Integrated curve editing tools are included so you can modify and control the model shape.

A complete set of mesh editing tools are included so you never have to leave the CREO interface. This can be done interactive during the feature creation process or separately. Tools such as decimating, hole filling, boundary clean up, mesh smoothing, triangle clean up and many more.

Inspection Tools are included to align a mesh to an existing CREO part via features or best fit. Visualize the deviation as a heat map with real time validation or select items on the part for mapping balloons and analyzing features. Custom reports can be created with unlimited views.

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