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DeBerti C10 Slayer 2021 SEMA Build

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DezignWorks teamed up with Brad DeBerti to 3D scan their 2021 SEMA build, the 6x6 C10 Slayer! Brad and his team took this murdered out C10 build to the next level. With a vehicle like the C10 Slayer, it’s hard to know what to look at first, but the engine certainly caught our eye. Under the hood sits a Chevrolet Performance LSX376-B15 crate engine combined with a 5.0-liter Whipple supercharger and a set of massive red fuel-injection stacks. The supercharged mill connects to a 4L80 ATD transmission and sends the power through a QA1 carbon-fiber driveshaft to the first 9-inch rear axle, passing through to the second rear axle. “There was a lot of customization to get the first axle to work before we could tie it to the rear,” Brad explained.

While the truck was running under its own power at the show, there’s still work to be done on the tuning side. But when the guys plug in the HP Tuners and start tuning the truck, they expect to be at or slightly above the 1,000 horsepower mark on pump gas. The aero on the truck is truly unique. It features a wide-body kit, a front splitter, half rear fenders, and one massive rear wing. The DeBerti’s decided to paint the truck satin black before wrapping it a similar color. The idea here was as the truck gets rock chips from either cruising down the freeway or doing massive burnouts, the wrap would take the brunt of the abuse and not the paint job. 

When we asked Brad his favorite thing about the truck, he said, “I love that the C10 Slayer is just wrong. And what I mean by that is we have American muscle mixed with JDM wide-body, supercharged LSX, and massive aero. It’s a six-wheeled monster.”
Another interesting thing about the truck was watching people try to walk by it, not knowing what it was. The confusion on their faces told the story, as did awkward stop-and-goes before they committed to entering the HP Tuners booth to get a closer look. Brad said, “This is a project that I wanted to build, and people remember. When you’re at a show like SEMA with tens of thousands of vehicles, this one is still going to stick out.” And whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that.